Quantcast Wire Harness 2W154/5 and 2W156


Additionally, the wires leaving the terminal boards have reference
numbers assigned.
Find the wire connected to E7 on the terminal
board  and  follow  it  to  the  P1  connector  (wire  harness  2W154/5).
Between the terminal board connection and the P1 connector you find
the number one in parentheses (1), the reference number assigned to
this wire.
This reference number allows you to make sure you have
the same wire when tracing a circuit.  However, you must be careful;
the reference number may change at a connector or terminal board.
Wire Harness 2W154/5 and 2W156.  These wire harnesses connect
the terminal boards to the hull distribution box.
When you
look  at  this  schematic,  you  should  have  no  difficulty
determining the following:
Type of cable.
The broken oval around the wires to pin
connectors A and B of wire harness 2W156 indicates this
wire harness has a shielded outer coating.
If a wire
harness has a solid oval around it, the wire harness has a
non-shielded outer coating.
Cable make-up.  Each wiring harness has a different number
of wires twisted together to form the complete harness,
depending upon the application.  Look at wire symbol given
just  before  the  P2  connector  on  wire  harness  2W154/5.
This symbol shows the wiring to this connector consists of
a twisted pair.
Examine the wire symbol for wire harness 2W107-9 at the
bottom right corner of the sheet.  After you have examined
it, you see this wire harness consists of three wires
twisted and a twisted pair, a total of five wires.
Gender  of  Pin  Connectors  and  Number  of  Connectors.
Examine the end of wire harness 2W154/5 just before it
connects to the power distribution box.  The diagram shows
the  pin  connectors  are  female  and  gives  the  pin
designation in the connector (e.g., A, B, etc.).
the diagram shows this wire harness has two connectors
identified as P1 and P2.
Hull Distribution Box Enclosure.  The enclosure lines enclose
all  components  of  the  diagram  that  mount  inside  the  hull
distribution box.
The schematic gives information about the
components and circuits inside the hull power distribution


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