Quantcast Figure 1-17. Venturi Schematic.


Figure 1-17.
Venturi Schematic.
Heat Exchanger (fig. 1-18).
This system has the heat exchanger located downstream of the flow
limiting venturi large outlet and prior to the condenser.
The heat
exchanger has a bleed air flow length of 15.65 in.
make  this  single-flow,  cross-flow,  plate-fin  type  heat  exchanger
entirely of an aluminum alloy.
Operation  (fig.  1-19).
Bleed  air  flows  from  the  flow
limiting venturi at a maximum of approximately 200 cfm with
a  pressure  of  35,F  ƒ2,F  maximum.
The  bleed  air  flows
through the passageways lined with rectangular fins set in
an offset configuration, much the same as the precooler.
The  cooling  air  flows  through  the  heat  exchanger  in
passageways lined with fins placed in a wavy configuration.
The heat exchanger uses outside air as the cooling air.  A
fan (to be described later) draws the cooling air through
the heat exchanger.
The cooling air  flows through the
deswirl vanes to the precooler and out the exhaust exit.
The deswirl vanes remove any turbulence created by the fan.


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