Quantcast Troubleshooting  Using  the  STE  Test  Set. - Continued


(The  lesson  covers
procedures later in the text.)
STE-L1/FVS  test  equipment.
You  use  the  Simplified  Test
Equipment-M1/Fight Vehicle System (STE-M1/FVS), known as the
STE set, to check and locate faults in the M1A1 hull and
turret systems.
STE consists of the following components:
vehicle test meter (VTM), controllable interface box (CIB),
SETCOM,  various  cable  and  adaptors,  and  transit  cases  for
Normally, you use STE at the organizational maintenance level
to check or troubleshoot the different tank hull and turret
systems.  Using an alphanumeric character display, the SETCOM
supplies test status and operator instruction messages.
test set determines the test status and operator information
by comparing measurements taken on a system with data stored
in the computer memory.  For additional information about the
STE, refer to TM 9-4910-751-14-1.
STE has two different modes of operation:
(1) automated or
(2) standard STE/ICE (single step).
In the automated mode,
you enter the test number from the fault isolation chart using
the SETCOM keyboard.  The test appears on the SETCOM display
as you enter it.  If you should enter the wrong number, press
the CLEAR key and enter the right number.
When you have
entered the complete test number, push the GO key to start the
automated test sequence.
You  use  the  SINGLE  STEP  key  to  display  a  single  test
Do  not  press  this  key  unless  the  SETCOM
instructs you to do so in the test procedure.
Pressing the
SINGLE STEP key during certain test sequences causes the STE
to display faulty information on the SETCOM.
The  STE  program  contains  the  self-test
troubleshooting tests listed in figure 1-15.
Preparing the STE for operation.  The first step you perform
to prepare the STE for operation is the preventive maintenance
checks and services according to TM 9-4910-751-14-1.
The STE has an internal temperature sensing device that stops
test set operations outside the limits of 20F to 125F,


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