Quantcast Position Knob


OD1402 - Lesson 1/Learning Event 1
o EXT ­ When pressed, trigger signal is obtained from an
external source connected to the MAIN TRIG IN connector.
o EXT 10 ­ Same as EXT, except signal is decreased to
approximately 10 percent of the input amplitude.
Position Knob. Provides for coarse adjustment of the horizontal
position of the trace.
Fine Knob. Provides for fine adjustment of the horizontal position
of the trace.
Swp Cal (Sweep Calibrate) Control. Provides an adjustment to match
the gain of the Dual Time Base to the Main Frame for calibrated
sweep rates.
Mag (Magnification) Switch. Provides for selection of horizontal
magnification. The switch has the following specific functions:
o x1 (In) selects unmagnified sweep at a rate determined by the
TIME/DIV switch setting.
o x10 (Out) expands the center centimeter of the display ten
Time/Div or Div Time Switch (outer ring). Provides for the
selection of the basic sweep rate and the delay time. This allows
for operation in intensified or delayed sweep display modes. MAG
switch must be in xl position, and VARIABLE switch in the CAL
position for the indicated sweep rate.
Delayed Time/Division Switch (center ring). Selects the sweep rate
for operation in displayed sweep and intensified display modes.
The VARIABLE (CAL) control must be in the extreme clockwise (CAL)
position, and the MAG switch must be in the x1 position for the
indicated sweep rate.
The relationships between the TIME/DIV OR DLY TIME
switch, the DELAYED TIME/DIVISION switch, and the
INTENSIFY switch are complex. For efficient use of
these functions, the following definitions of the
display modes must be understood.


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