Quantcast Figure 22. Special Tipped Screwdrivers.


Figure 22.
Special tipped screwdrivers.
(3) Reed and Prince screwdrivers (cross-point).  Reed and Prince
screwdrivers are similar to the Phillips type; however, do not confuse them for the
tip is different, as shown in figure 22.  These screwdrivers are issued in 3- to 8-
inch sizes.
(4) Clutch-head screwdrivers.  Clutch-head screwdrivers (fig 22) are used
to drive clutch-bit screws.  These screws are commonly called butterfly or figure 8
screws and have recessed heads.  The clutch-type screwdriver is issued in 3-, 4-,
5-, and 6-inch sizes.
(5) Offset screwdrivers.  Offset screwdrivers (fig 22) are designed to
drive or remove screws that cannot be lined up with the axis of common screwdrivers
or are located in tight corners.  An offset screwdriver is usually made from a
piece of steel, round or octagonal in shape, machined so that the end portion is at
right angles to its longitudinal axis.  They are made in a variety of sizes having
different width tips.  Some offset screwdrivers are made with two blades, one of
different size at each end.  A doubletip offset screwdriver has four blades.
(6) Ratchet screwdrivers.  Ratchet screwdrivers (fig 23) are used to drive
or remove small screws rapidly.  The spiral ratchet screwdriver automatically
drives or removes screws.  It can be adjusted to turn left, right, or locked to act
as a common screwdriver.  It has a knurled sleeve with a spiral chuck and a control
locking device which has three positions: right and left ratchet and rigid.  Some
spiral ratchets have a spring in the handle which automatically returns the handle
for the next stroke.  Another style of ratchet screwdriver has a knurled collar for
rotating the blade with your fingers.  The spiral type has separate blades that are
inserted in the chuck.  The plain common ratchet screwdriver is made with one
integrally built blade.
(7) Screwdriver bits.  A screwdriver bit (fig 23) is a screwdriver blade
with a square, hex, or notched shank so that it will fit in the chuck of a breast
drill or ratchet bit brace, or on a square drive tool such as a socket wrench
handle.  Other screwdriver bits are made with a spiral ratchet screwdriver shank
for use with spiral ratchets.


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